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A kayaker based in Namibia captured his encounters with numerous baby seals trapped in netting and how he cut them free with a line cutter on May 11. Schalk Louw, who filmed these rescues, caught

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Pipkin rabbit, a free range rabbit sleeping. When the indoor rabbit sleeps, the rabbit dreams of eating. Pipkin rabbit eats, runs, and jumps in his dream, and his sleeping body does the same. After the indoor rabbit falls asleep, we prank the rabbit by surrounding him with dill because he enjoyed our rabbit video waking a sleeping rabbit by surrounding him with carrots and waking a sleeping rabbit by

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Video Edit By Km Music Slave to the Music (Twenty 4 Seven song) "Slave to the Music" is a song by the Dutch Eurodance group Twenty 4 Seven. It was released on 13 August 1993, as the third single

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Waking a sleeping rabbit with a banana! Pipkin rabbit is sleeping and dreaming when he is awoken by the sound of a peeling banana and the banana smell. When the rabbit is sleeping he often dreams

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La mia cover di Always Remember Us This Way from “A Star is Born”

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Elephant Mom Helps Rescuers Save Her Baby | This elephant mom wouldn't stop crying until rescuers figured out what she wanted. Love Animals? Subscribe: Follow The Dodo:

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A woman and her boyfriend rescued a green turtle jammed between rocks on a beach in Oman. The pair spotted the turtle while they were on a morning walk on the beach to see turtle hatchlings.

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Registrazione in studio della cover Tough Boy (sigla seconda serie di Kenshiro) Parimpampum - Sigle Cartoni Animati Federica Silicato: voce Ivan Sammartino: basso e voce Antonio Quinci: batteria Francesco Ferrara: chitarra Francesco Bonaccorso: tastiere e cori