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The question today must not be "how to vaccinate the world", but "why" should we do it. We all call "vaccines" some experimental mRNA or DNA gene therapies that do not immunize - as those who receive them can be infected with Covid and infect other people - and only partially and for a few months reduce the probability of a serious course of the disease. Conversely, following administration, thousands of adverse effects - even very serious and disabling - and several deaths post inoculation are recorded every day, deaths whose causal nexus with the injected drugs has already been assessed in many cases. The precautionary principle is therefore denied. We also allow awful discrimination, deprivation and violence against people who do not accept inoculation - for medical, immunological or personal reasons - in violation of fundamental human rights. Now, do we want to commit more money from European citizens to extend this treatment to the whole world? Cui prodest? In the name of God, colleagues, let’s stop this madness.

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