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Please support us on Patreon so we can create more awesome content! Loot Crate delivers epic geek & gaming gear monthly, Signup at /batinthesun & save 10% with code BATINTHESUN PURCHASE THE MUSIC HERE Music composed by SEAN SCHOENKE WATCH NIGHTWING vs WINTER SOLDIER like us on facebook: vote online for BATMAN BEYOND vs SPIDER-MAN 2099 follow us on twitter:!/batinthesun WONDER WOMAN vs WOLVERINE Directed by Aaron Schoenke The series is produced by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke and Nikolay Zamkovoy WONDER WOMAN/TATIANA NEVA WOLVERINE/JONATHAN CARROLL MARISHA RAY JENNIFER WENGER Original Music and Sound by Sean Schoenke Cinematography by Joey Rassool Editing by Aaron Schoenke Fight Choreographer Shaun Piccinino Visual Effects created by Nikolay Zamkovoy Be sure to check out our special effects artist channel: Additional effects Raketa Film The concept of the SPBD web series is to take two super powered legends and make them battle! Every new episode the viewers will be able to vote to determine the winner! Wonder Woman Costume by Hermes Barreto Neto Wolverine Claws Wovlerine Cowl by ReevzFX special thanks Collector's Paradise ACTION VFX additional music provided by youtube, be sure and check out their awesome sound library!